Man gives up first-class seat to mother and sick baby staff via KABC logo
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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A man gave up his first-class seat to a woman and her baby on their way to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for treatment.

ORLANDO, FLA. (KABC) -- Traveling alone is hard enough, but flying with a sick baby can be outright overwhelming.

That's why one mom was brought to tears when another passenger gave up his first-class seat to help her out.

Kelsey Zwick was flying her 11-month-old Lucy from Orlando to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where she's getting treatment for a chronic lung disease.

As soon as Zwick boarded the flight with Lucy, she hooked her up to her oxygen machine. That's when a flight attendant came up to tell them a man offered her his first-class seat.

"I'm just standing there looking at him, crying, just saying 'thank you, thank you,' Zwick said. "He just quietly, and just was like smiling so big, and he was just like, 'you're welcome, you're welcome,' and then, that was it."

Lucy and her twin were born 11 weeks early and she stayed in the hospital for 100 days after she was born while her sister was there for 86.