Give these healthy foods a makeover in 2019

EAGLE ROCK, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- At Red Herring in Eagle Rock, chef and owner Dave Woodall likes to follow food trends but is more concerned on what is in season and what is growing well.

"We really keep an eye on the market reports more than the trend reports," Woodall said.

He use's unusual grains in his salad bowl like freekah.

"It hits on all the major points. It's wonderful texture, fantastic nutritional value, and the flavor is really incomparable," Woodall said.

The taste is a bit green, but also fresh, vegetal, nutty, sweet and it's loaded with nutrition.

"Proteins, fibers, all your good vitamins D's B's and K's," he said.

It works well with colorful beets, a sheep's cheese known as pepato, watercress, walnuts, herbs and a citrus vinaigrette for an earthy winter salad.

Perhaps the trick is to not make it so bland and boring. Woodall actually deep-fries his Brussel sprouts and puts just a little bit of bacon with those lentils.

"Brussel sprouts are a great one and to make sure everybody eats them, we deep-fry them. I love these things just blanched and salted water," said Woodall.

He pairs those crispy orbs with an African spice called harissa. Its spice and smattering of heat goes well with Brussel sprouts.

To learn to love black beluga lentils, he puts a bit of bacon in with them along with garlic, tomatoes, chives, parsley and sherry vinegar, topped with a local sea bass. It's a good-looking, good-tasting nutritious combination.

And while he'd love people to come in and try these delicious dishes, he feels all of these grains, greens and legumes are easily made at home.
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