Here's what we can expect to be eating in 2018

Chef and owner of Prawn Coastal Mark Peel reviews years past.

"Every year people predict we're going to be eating healthier but we don't," said Peel.

Sadly, he is right. Roughly two out of three American adults are overweight or obese.

Peel is part of a current trend with his chef-driven hyperlocal fast casual eatery. His concept offers inexpensive yet healthy food which has a focus on local and frugal.

"You can have good food for $16," said Peel.

Environmental restaurants are trending. So is the concept "food-waste free," and the term "simplicity.' They indicate back to basics.

"More and more restaurants are doing it. Easy simple salads, simple food, lower cost. And all these nutrition myths that people are carrying around, I think the restaurants are deciding to serve some wholesome healthy meals," said Patricia Greenberg, the Fitness Gourmet.

Plant-based food has been trending for quite a while, but with fat back in favor there's a push to eat higher quality, yet lower portions of animal proteins.

Dietitian Patricia Bannan says rather than eliminate, make some swaps.

"A reductionist diet, which means you're not eliminating meat you're just reducing it," Bannan said.

She suggests adding chopped, sautéed mushrooms to burgers or adding cooked lentils to meat sauce.

"By adding those plant proteins into what you're eating you're going to have more fiber in your diet, you're going to feel fuller longer, you're going to get more nutrients in your diet. But you don't have to feel you're going totally vegan," said Bannan.

Also watch for mushrooms to be prominent in 2018, in strange places like cold-brew coffee and cocoa.

And beyond the heart-health message, it's apparently time to get the brain a boost.

The food forecast suggests we'll continue to see the popularity of omega-three fatty acids and others that support brain health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention only nine percent of American adults get the recommended daily allowance for produce. So no matter what program you're on, it appears you need quite a bit more greens.

No surprise vegan, vegetarian, and vegetable-centric cuisine continues to dominate the food forecast.
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