2017 food trends include healthy, tasty options

PLAYA VISTA (KABC) -- We can ask chefs, grocers, and food forecasters what's the latest flavor, but we also know what's trending by counting searches on sites like Google and Pinterest.

Gluten-free continues to be the biggest health food search on Google, while Pinterest found searches for Naan pizza up 175 percent.

"Naan is a great bread alternative. It's good for things like pizza crust," said Janette Rizk of Whole Foods Markets.

Rizk said their researchers found tonics and tinctures topping sales. Bone broth, turmeric lattes and juices were also a hit.

Juicing is also a way to develop products from byproducts, which cuts food waste.

"There's watermelon water that is made from ones that maybe aren't as pretty that are turned into cold pressed juice," said Rizk.

Beyond sushi, Japanese-inspired street food is hot: Miso, mochi, noodles, and seaweed are all big sellers.

Milk alternatives fill the fridge, including hemp, flax, grains, even peas.

"We created Ripple to be dairy free the way it should be which is high in protein, low in sugar and really delicious. It's made from yellow peas believe it or not," said Ripple's co-founder Adam Lowry.

It's also the year for the color purple.

"We're seeing purple everything. Purple cauliflower, asparagus, sweet potatoes. It usually means there's more antioxidants," said Rizk.

It's also found in chips and snacks.

Sugar continues to take the heat as the bad guy while fat has been exonerated with research showing health benefits. And with new nutrition labels coming out in 2018, food manufacturers are looking for a sweet balance from sugars added to those naturally occurring in food.

"We ship nationally right to your doorstep. The whole goal is to make food that is healing, foods that's inspiring to eat," said founder of Urban Remedy, Nica Pasquale.

Meal delivery plans even meal kits are more fine tuned. Plus, groceries and restaurants are using third-party delivery systems like Instacart so you can have it when you want it without going to get it.
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