Cooking instructor has 411 on products to substitute for grains while baking at home

Whether someone is going Paleo or omitting gluten, there are loads of products on the market to avoid grains.

However, there is quite a kitchen science to swapping out grains at home.

Coconut, almond, chick pea, and other flours are found in most stores to take a test drive, but it isn't easy as interchanging them.

It is important to note that even when you take your favorite family recipe and swap out the flours, it's really not going to be exactly like your use to. You will have to play with the flours and the moisture content.

"You're missing out on the gluten which gives structure," said cooking instructor Pamela Salzman. "Some of these flours have a lot of fat. Some have a lot of fiber which makes them very water absorbent."

She said each flour has its own personality.

"Almond flour has tons of fat because its almonds so you have to adjust the fat in a recipe," Salzman said. "The coconut flour is what you use the least of because it's so heavy and dense. You have to add a lot of moisture and mostly eggs."

She suggests about a 3-1 almond to coconut flour for many recipes. She said she likes a bit of arrowroot to give it a finer texture.

Chickpea pancakes known as 'socca' aren't allowed in the Paleo plan as chickpea is a legume, but works beautifully as a savory griddle cake for those gluten intolerant or wanting to increase protein and fiber in food.

"They can use them as a base for pizza, a base for salad, or you can put a fried egg on top or as a tortilla," she said.
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