ampm now selling Dodger Dogs in Los Angeles-area convenience stores

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Dodger fans can now buy Dodger Dogs at participating Los Angeles-area ampm convenience stores, the team announced Tuesday.

The 10-inch long dogs are being sold at the price of two dogs for $3. It's the first time the iconic hot dogs, which were created in 1962, are being sold outside Dodger Stadium.

"ampm will be the only place outside of Dodger Stadium that someone can purchase a freshly-cooked Dodger Dog prepared just as they would at one of our games," said Michael Young, Dodgers senior vice president of corporate partnerships.

The convenience store chain and the Dodgers have been partners for about two years. Last year, ampm opened its first convenience store inside the stadium, offering fans beer, soft drinks, snacks and coffee.

The team says more than 1.5 million Dodger Dogs are sold each season. Over 500 Los Angeles-area ampm stores began offering the Dodger Dogs on April 5.
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