'Eat to Feel Full' emphasizes nourishment, not restrictions

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- A new weight loss concept veers away from restriction and suggests adding certain foods to feel full.

Holistic nutrition expert Jeanette Bronee says there's a problem when we start restricting what we eat.

"And then we want to either eat more, rebel or whatever it is we're doing, but all day long, we are trying to restrict and sort of retain ourselves and be good," Bronee said.

The "Eat to Feel Full" author says cutting food components can lead to an evening binge. This can result in feelings of guilt and failure.

She coaches clients to begin to think about nourishing - not starving the body. Start with noticing how well you chew your meal.

"Some people say 30-50, but again it depends on the food," Bronee said.

Chewing brings more taste satisfaction, breaks down food for better digestion and helps signal fullness, or satiety, to the brain.

Also, make sure you include these two components.

"I always say fiber and fat," Bronee said. "Plant fat makes us more feeling full satisfied, nourished, nurtured. You've got the fat from the good plant - fat such as avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds."

It may be tough for dieters to wrap their head around including fat and filling carbs, but the alternative can be dismal.

"When we're eating sort of from that dieting mentality, we tend to eat tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce. There's not a lot of 'yum' factor in that," said Bronee.

Bronee recommends almond milk soaked oats with nut, seeds and fruit. You can also try egg and avocado salad on rye bread.

Another option - fish with fresh and cooked veggies along with some sweet potatoes or squash.

Here's what to aim for - a plate with one quarter protein, one quarter complex carb and one half produce.

Notice these foods are not processed.

Another important point is to keep serving sizes in check.

Due to convenience and lack of time, we're eating more packaged food than ever before. So it's important to know true serving sizes. A small lunch bag of chips might actually be two servings, not one.

Bronee said before you fill your plate, determine how hungry you are, what your plans are for the day and how much energy you need.
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