Find Ice Cream & More At Venice's New 'Wanderlust Creamery'

Photo: Wanderlust Creamery/Yelp

A new spot to score desserts and ice cream has debuted in the neighborhood. Called Wanderlust Creamery, the new addition is located at 609 Lincoln Blvd. in Venice.

This newcomer--which has several Southern California locations--is a project from food scientist Adrienne Borlongan and attorney-turned-restaurateur Jon-Patrick Lopez, according to the business' website.

Expect to see a rotating selection of ice cream flavors like a Thai-inspired sticky rice and mango, the "Abuelita Malted Crunch" with Mexican stone-ground chocolate and a Filipino-inspired "Ube (purple yam) Malted Crunch." (You can take a look at the full selection of offerings here.)

With a five-star rating out of four reviews on Yelp so far, the new addition has already made a good impression.

Michelle I., who was among the first Yelpers to review the new spot on March 16th, said, "Well, I stand corrected! Ice cream can be awesome on a cold day. Quality, eye-catching indulgences here and a celebration of world flavors. The Thai tea and Ube are excellent."

And The Chunk Monkey added, "The competition is fierce on the Westside for artisanal ice cream domination. Who is the clear winner in the Westside now? Wanderlust Creamery!"

Swing on by to take a peek for yourself: Wanderlust Creamery is open daily from noon-11pm.
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