Fruzion, a fruity slice of Lebanon in the Valley

CHATSWORTH, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Fruzion is a Lebanese restaurant in Chatsworth that has a special item on the menu that not many see at your typical Middle Eastern restaurant. It's called the fruit cocktail.

"We're sort of redefining the cocktail meaning in LA. Because in LA we associate it with alcohol. But it's a fruit cocktail and not canned and syrup, it's fresh fruit," says owner Mary Yacoubian.

Fruit cocktails are like smoothies filled with sliced fruit. At Fruzion you can top it with gelato or Lebanese ashta cream, along with pistachios, almonds, and honey.

Fruzion opened its doors three years ago in Chatsworth, and later Mary and her husband, Mike, opened their Glendale location. However, the fruit cocktail concept originated in Lebanon, and Mary has a special place in her heart for fruit cocktails because of her husband.

"Twenty years ago, when I met my husband, and he found out I was a vegan. On one of our first dates he bought me a blender and he made me a fruit cocktail," said Yacoubian.

You can order one of their specialties or pick your own fruit for a customized fruit cocktail. They also serve waffles, and their crepes are also very popular with customers.
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