Here Are Little Tokyo's 4 Newest Businesses To Open

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Interested in checking out the newest businesses to open in Little Tokyo? From a roasted chestnut spot to a pizza parlor, read on for a list of the newest destinations to open for business in this Los Angeles neighborhood.

Hisaya Kyoto Roasted Chestnuts

123 Astronaut E.S. Onizuka St. #108
Photo: Yoshiko t./Yelp

Hisaya Kyoto Roasted Chestnuts is a small storefront that specializes in roasted chestnuts from Kyoto and Tianjin, China.

This is the latest outpost in Los Angeles for the Kyoto-based company; it also has another storefront in Torrance. There are also locations in Korea and Taiwan.

Along with roasted chestnuts, the menu features light eats, including banh mi sandwiches and salads. There is also a selection of chestnut-based drinks and desserts, including doughnuts, coffee, ice cream and cake.

With a five-star Yelp rating out two reviews, Hisaya Kyoto Roasted Chestnuts- Little Tokyo has been getting positive attention.

Yelper Russell C., who reviewed Hisaya Kyoto Roasted Chestnuts- Little Tokyo on January 27th, wrote: "What caught my eye was the roasted chestnut latte. Once I looked closer, I saw that they have bulgogi cheesesteak. I knew I had to get both, and I did. I also saw that they had chestnut cookies and donuts. Prices are reasonable...The food and coffee were very delicious."

Yoshiko T. noted: "I love this place! So excited they have a Little Tokyo branch now. It's hidden on the outer side of Marukai in Welled Court. Great place to get gifts of roasted chestnuts, chestnut snacks and chestnut desserts."

Hisaya Kyoto Roasted Chestnuts- Little Tokyo is open weekdays from 11am-4pm, and Saturday from 11am-7:30pm. (It's closed on Sunday.)


369 E. 2nd St.
Photo: Jonathan N./Yelp

Instagram-friendly Bae is a small cafe that offers soft-serve ice cream, doughnuts, and creative coffee drinks.

The soft-serve ice cream includes flavors such as the "First Date," "Mixed Feelings," and "The Heartbreak."

For pastries, expect to see items like matcha scones and churro donuts. For soft-serve ice cream, you'll find flavors such as the "Pegasus" (Fruity Pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch) and "The Heartbreak" (activated charcoal and pineapple).

With a 4.5-star rating out of 129 reviews on Yelp, Bae has been getting positive attention.

Yelper Aaliyah G., who reviewed Bae on February 4th, wrote: "Of the places that have these charcoal soft serves, I like the one from here. The texture is good; it also does not melt quickly. The pineapple flavor works well with vanilla, and also by itself. They have a lot of tables and seats inside the place but not nearly enough for everyone that's coming in."

Nicole K. noted: "The charcoal espresso latte blew my mind. It sounds weird saying that charcoal really works with espresso but it really does; the espresso latte tasted more pure and crisper, while still maintaining a full body and the good, wholesome roasted earthiness!"

Bae is open Monday-Thursday from 8am-10pm, Friday from 8am-11pm, and weekends from 9am-11pm.

Prime Pizza

141 S. Central Ave.
Sicilian square pie. | Photo: Patricia H./Yelp

New York-style pizza parlor Prime Pizza recently opened a new location in Little Tokyo, with its first outpost in Fairfax.

Offerings come by the slice or whole pies. Look for the sausage kale, which includes house-made sausage, kale and "grandma tomato sauce," or the barbecue chicken pie with smoked chicken, pickled jalapeno and cilantro.

Prime Pizza currently holds 4.5 stars out of 25 reviews on Yelp, indicating good reviews.

Yelper Jude C., who reviewed Prime Pizza on January 11th, wrote: "Really good. The sub is really good, especially if you had the Godmother from Bay Cities, this is a good substitute. Haven't tried a square pie, and but they got a good slice."

And Chris D. wrote: "If you're looking to get a decent slice of pizza in LA and satisfy that inner craving for pizza but don't know where to go--this place will satisfy but not delight. Pizza is solid with slightly sweeter than usual sauce, satisfactory cheese and reasonable crust."

Prime Pizza is open Friday and Saturday from 11am-2am, and Sunday-Thursday from 11am-11pm.

Gong Cha

318 E. 2nd St.
Photo: Trinh n./Yelp

Gong Cha is a new bubble tea and smoothies spot from Taiwan, with multiple locations across Los Angeles and in California. According to its website, there are more than 1,500 locations around the world.

It offers a wide range of bubble teas and smoothies, and customers can adjust the sweetness of the drinks or select toppings that range from milk foam and white pearls to basil seed and rainbow jelly.

Gong Cha's current rating of four stars out of 42 reviews on Yelp indicates positive attention from users.

Yelper Sherri S., who reviewed Gong Cha on January 29th, wrote: "So happy I decided to try this certain establishment, the employees were so friendly, the decor was so warming."

And Peggy V. wrote: "The shop is decently sized (very narrow) with a good amount of tables to lounge with your friends and play board games. They have a small stand with different games like Jenga, cards, Uno, Taboo and Chess. So it's definitely a place where you can come and hang out if seats aren't all taken. "

Gong Cha is open Friday and Saturday from 11am-midnight, and Sunday-Thursday from 11am-11pm.
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