Here's where to get the best sushi in Santa Monica, delivered

There may be dozens of restaurants in and around Santa Monica that serve sushi, but not all of those establishments offer delivery sushi.

So where should you order from when you're looking for fresh rolls but aren't interested in rolling out to a sit-down restaurant?

To find out, we compared the eateries listed on delivery service provider UberEats with our own Yelp analysis to locate the best sushi delivery spots that deliver to Santa Monica -- for when you've got the hunger, but not the energy.


This Santa Monica go-to for sushi rolls and more keeps local cravings at bay with a selection of bento boxes and sushi combinations. Though the delivery offering is rather streamlined, Noma does offer three different chef's choice combos, including the Sushi Harmony (five pieces of sushi and California roll or spicy tuna roll, served with miso soup and salad) and Hiru Combo (four pieces of sushi and any special roll, also served with miso soup and salad).

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Tom's Sushi House

From tempura to sashimi to teriyaki bowls and Korean specialities, too, Tom's offers a delivery spread sure to please any palate, sushi lover or not. But plentiful sushi options make this local spot a delivery standout. Nigiri options range from albacore and unagi to four- and eight-piece samplers, while sashimi options include a 12-piece sampler, with three pieces each of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and albacore. Not in the mood for sushi? There's bibimbap and bulgogi, too!

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Fresh in the Box

From noodles to bento to sushi and sashimi, Fresh in the Box comes equipped to handle any craving. If you're in the market for raw fish, there's plenty to choose from, including special rolls like the Venice (shrimp tempura with crab), sashimi bowls, and straightforward nigiri like the tuna avocado roll and crispy spicy yellowtail roll. Bonus: there's Japanese curry and ramen on offer, too.

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Sunny Blue

If you're all about sushi rice, Sunny Blue has your number: 21. That's how many different varieties of omusubi are on offer at this Santa Monica-based Japanese spot, which specializes in Japanese rice balls with different classic and seasonal fillings, from spicy salmon to miso beef to sweet and sour chicken. It's not technically sushi, but it may scratch the same itch for a yummy bite of Japanese flavors.

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