Juicero rolls out self-service stations in 11 Whole Foods Markets

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Juicing is a health trend that continues to grow as people press produce for that nutritious elixir. But it's not without problems.

"Juicing at home is a pain in the neck. You have shop. You have to prep. You have to chop all of your produce," said Chrissy Trampedach, communications director for Juicero.

Along with all that you have to come up with a recipe and then, there's the clean up!

But buying cold pressed juice can be pricey.

Trampedach said Juicero has an alternative. Created by a former juice chain owner, Juicero makes an at home system, but is now launching their self-service juice station all over Los Angeles.

"This is all about. A modern, self-serve, interactive experience. All triple washed, it's organic, there are no additives or preservatives," reminded Trampedach.
Seven flavors from sweet greens, beta glow, spicy green zing even a beet lovers special. The Southern California company sources from local organic growers to create the produce pouches.

Any unused fruits and vegetables are donated to the non-profit Los Angeles Kitchen.

And for those who like a little bit more to their juice, such as fiber, they can actually save the pouch and take it home and use it in juice or put it in soups, stews, cookies and baked goods.

The $399 at-home machine is sold online, but Juicero has rolled out self-service stations in 11 Whole Foods markets.
"It's really meant for that person that's on-the-go, who wants that really quick grab-and-go and out-the-door and on their way," said Whole Foods team leader George Khoury.

"We are putting them in restaurants, hotels, colleges and universities. Pretty much where cold pressed juice is attractive," said Trampedach.

Also attractive is the price. An 8 ounce cold press juice costs $5, which is still a few bucks less than most competitors.
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