LA chocolatier creates frozen hot chocolate, kale bars

CENTURY CITY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Although he's not 67 years old, Jonathan Grahm of Compartes says his company has been around that long making chocolates the old fashioned way.

"Mrs. Compartes started it. It's a family business. My dad did it, my grandma did it and now I do it," said Grahm. "Everything is made from scratch. We're one of the oldest confectionaries in America that still make everything by hand."

And for those who eat California clean they have avocado, kale, and dried fruit in chocolate. In the way of more decadent flavors, try homemade brownie, cereal bowl and animal cookies.

"This is our vegan kale chocolate bar which is hand-studded. Dark chocolate, kale, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds," said Grahm. "If you've got to eat kale, eat it in chocolate."

What's even more intriguing is his frozen hot chocolate that comes from brass pumps that run 24 hours a day.
"This is the frozen hot chocolate and you can see the consistency. It's unlike anything you've ever tasted. It's smooth and velvety and amazing. This is the first time in LA that anything here is like this," Grahm said.

Grahm said dark chocolate and milk are the only two ingredients, although he's a fan of adding whipped cream and extra toppings.

Similar to a coffee house latte, frozen hot chocolate is in the $4 range and the bars are about $10.

You'll find these sweets at his flagship store in the newly remodeled Century City mall and the Brentwood factory. With more than 200 types of chocolate, he seems to have something for everyone.
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