La Habra pizza parlor donating profits for 6 months

LA HABRA, Calif. (KABC) -- Ordering a designer pizza is nothing new, but what this pizzeria is doing with its money certainly is.

"We decided to give our profits away," said Ron Lieberman, owner of Pizza Rev.

Lieberman wants to use his restaurant in La Habra as a community cash cow of sorts.

"We've now made a commitment with the Collaborative Group of La Habra to give profits for six months back to the community. They can use it any way they want," said Leiberman.

The La Habra Collaborative is delighted.

"It's sort of an umbrella for all the nonprofits in town and has expanded to be an umbrella for a lot of individuals, businesses and schools," said executive director of the La Habra Collaborative, Sandi Baltes.

Baltes says they have four main areas in mind where they'll direct funds.

"Homeless, move more, eat healthy - which is childhood obesity, teen pregnancy and family literacy. We provide opportunity for non-profits to get involved in those within the community," Baltes said.

"We feel very fortunate that we could do something with the profits," said Lieberman.

Lieberman estimates his profits currently average $500 per month after costs, but he's hoping the community will learn of his mission and help make those numbers go higher.

"Everybody eats and everybody eats pizza," joked Baltes.

Following in the steps of the "have it your way" Neapolitan craze, Pizza Rev features traditional toppings plus a variety of offerings for the health conscious crowd.

For $8.25 you can personalize your own pizza and feel good about giving back while fueling up.
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