'Lokal Sandwich Shop' Brings Modern Banh Mi To Palms

Photo: Lokal Sandwich Shop/Yelp

Sandwich fans, take heed: there's a new spot in town to get your fix. Located at 10433 National Blvd. in Palms, the fresh arrival is called Lokal Sandwich Shop.

This new sandwich joint specializes in reinvented Vietnamese-style banh mi sandwiches, along with a variety of espresso, coffee and tea drink mainstays.

On the menu, look for varieties like a Korean barbecue beef banh mi with pickled veggies and kimchi mayo; the "Italian Job" with salami, ham and mozzarella; and "The Jungle" with spicy turkey, avocado, red bell peppers and sprouts.

There's a selection of breakfast items on hand, too, like the banh mi breakfast with Vietnamese ham, eggs and daikon radish or the salmon bagel with cream cheese and onion.

Rounding things out are drinks like mochas and lattes, Thai iced tea and a variety of fruit smoothies. (You can check out the full menu here.)

With a four-star rating out of five reviews on Yelp so far, Lokal Sandwich Shop has gotten a good response.

Kim H., who was among the first Yelpers to review the new spot on February 12th, said: "Great banh mi! I had a grilled chicken banh mi and the bread was the right amount of crusty, with the right amount of toppings and spreads. The chicken was warm, which was a great contrast to the cold veggies."

And Will X. said: "The decor is simple yet artistic and enjoyable, which can also be said of the sandwiches."

Head on over to check it out: Lokal Sandwich Shop is open daily from 8am-5pm.
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