McDonald's Szechuan sauce returning for Saturday only

For the first time since 1998, McDonald's will offer its rare Szechuan dipping sauce for one day only.

On Saturday, select locations will be serving the plum sauce as a dipping option for its buttermilk chicken tenders.

The fast-food chain is responding to renewed interest of the sauce, thanks to the animated TV series "Rick & Morty." A gag in an episode of the series alludes to Rick's pursuit of the sauce, which was a real-life offering to promote Disney's Mulan motion picture.

The Szechuan sauce is actually one of 10 offerings altogether for the chain's chicken tenders. Other sauces include honey mustard, tangy BBQ, sriracha mac, sweet and sour, and creamy ranch. Only Szechuan is getting a limited run.

You can check out if your nearby McDonald's is offering the limited sauce at the chain's website.
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