MealPal app offers lunches at 150 LA restaurants for $6 a day

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- MealPal is a new app that offers you an inexpensive way to grab lunch at 150 different places in Los Angeles for as low as $6 a day.

Deborah Higginbotham and Sunny Samra work in Century City where lunch spots are usually jam packed. But a new app called MealPal is designed to help you grab and go.

"I like the prices, the discount and I found that it's quick and easy," said Higginbotham.

"I can see myself doing this probably for as long as I work here," said Samra.

"When you go to the restaurant you can skip the line and be in and out of the restaurant in just 30 seconds. You go right up to the counter you open your app and you scan a QR code that gives a confirmation screen and the restaurant will give you your meal. We sell a 12 pack of meals and that is $6.39 per meal or a 20 pack is $5.99 per meal," said MealPal CEO, Mary Biggins.

MealPal is similar to ClassPass. But unlike the ClassPass concept, MealPal lets you eat at the same restaurant as often as you want - although there are lots of choices.

Right now, there's about 150 locations in Los Angeles. You can log on to MealPal at 5 p.m. the day before to make sure you make a smart decision.

"I like to get salads, I guess using the app kind of forces me to eat a little healthier because I would've never necessarily buy or make that myself," Samra said.

"We do see the ability to reserve in advance helps people pick healthier options," Biggins said.

The concept appears to be a bonus to restaurants as well.

"We believe it's a great opportunity to expose our concept to a new market. MealPal seems to have great success in big cities," said Ricardo Capra the general manager of Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop which participates in the program.
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