Mensch Bakery debuts in La Brea with kosher treats and brunch fare

Photo: Mensch Bakery/Yelp

There's a brand-new French kosher bakery in town. The fresh arrival to La Brea, called Mensch Bakery, is located at 7122 Beverly Blvd.

According to YeahThatsKosher, the spot replaces Delice Bakery -- a former kosher eatery that lost its hashgacha (kosher certification).

On the menu, look for Parisian-inspired baked goods like croissants and pastries, as well as menu offerings such as omelets, soup, avocado toast, coffee, sandwiches and more. Challah, cheese Danish and cinnamon rolls are also on offer.

With a four-star rating out of five reviews on Yelp so far, Mensch Bakery has made a promising start.

Joshua B., who was among the first Yelpers to review the new spot on Sept. 9, wrote, "Fresh quality baked goods! Friendly staff and decent prices! They have a bakery in the back so everything is extremely fresh and amazing quality."

"Best brunch place!" added Yelper Olivia L. "Not only is the food fresh and tasty, but they made sure everything was perfect for our two children. The service was amazing and the place is perfect for families."

Swing on by to take a peek for yourself: Mensch Bakery is open from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. on Sunday-Thursday and 7 a.m.-4 p.m. on Friday. (It's closed on Saturday.)
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