Mindful eating may help with weight loss and better digestion

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. (KABC) -- Many of us rush through our meals, eat on the run and barely even chew. This can lead to meal dissatisfaction and most likely, overeating.

"I'm normally one to scarf down a meal in less than 10 minutes," said Jackson Doyle of Torrance.

Doyle is not alone. We eat in the car, the sink, at our desk. That not only makes us miss out on flavor, it's bad for digestion.

"We're not actually getting satiated because the body doesn't have enough time to know it's actually full, and so we continue to crave food and we don't get the proper nutrient values from it," said Ayurvedic practitioner Anjali Deva of the La Maida Institute.

That can wreak havoc on the gut.

"Our microbiome is not as healthy, we're more prone to inflammation, we're more prone to stress, and that effects so many health disorders," Deva said.

Deva has a recommendation she says is as simple as a drop of the fork.

"One of my favorite practices is after every three bites, put your fork down, and take a couple of deep breaths and check in with your body," Deva said.

"The food is going to take you on a journey and you will realize that what's on your plate is something that's going to be beneficial to you," said Chef Bernard Ibarra, executive chef at Terranea Resort.

That means better digestion, maybe even weight loss.

"When we are not mindful with our food we tend to overeat and that leads to weight gain," Deva said.

Try an "eating meditation" at home and dining alone is a good start point.

For those wanting a guided experience, this weekend there is a three-day event at the Terranea Resort, featuring not only the mindful eating but also sound bowls, local farming and other Ayurvedic practices.
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