New film about fighting childhood obesity features good news

BEVERLY HILL, Calif. (KABC) -- Documentary maker Joe Cross wanted to take a closer look at people and programs that were making a difference for kids. Not just in school, but family and community campaigns.

"There's a lot of negative news out there about how this generation that has been born now is not going to live as long as us. That they're all sick, they're all playing too many computer games, they're all fat," said Cross.

And not just young kids but all kids.

"I was out with Brian Wansink at Cornell University in Ithica. And we were there with a bunch of students that were probably 18, 19 years of age. And they were learning how to make a healthy meal on less than $2.50," said Cross.

Cross's last documentary featured his journey getting off of medication and then juicing his way across America in "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." He appreciates the simplicity of America's My Plate program.

"The government's new My Plate, they've come a long way in terms of how to show that you can have a quarter plate vegetables, quarter plate fruit, quarter plate grain, quarter plate protein," said Cross.

He also loves how schools have gardens.

"It's all about an investment in understanding where your food comes from: Planting, growing, nurturing, harvesting," said Cross.

There's no doubt schools are doing their part. But Cross says even if you think you're up on nutrition. There's a few more things you can do at home:

Put treats in the laundry room to create an effort: out of sight, out of mind.

Coordinate family dinners.

And take processed foods in fancy packaging like cereal out of the colorful box and put it in a plastic container.

"The cereal doesn't look as good as if it is in a colorful box with a tiger on the front," Cross said.

Cross's movie, "The Kids Menu," is available on iTunes for $17.99.
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