'Sol Lip Tofu' Brings Fresh Tofu Fare To Koreatown

Photo: Jaemin S./Yelp

A new Korean spot has made its debut in the neighborhood. Located at 414 S. Western Ave. in Koreatown, the fresh addition is called Sol Lip Tofu.

This new spot--located in the former Western Sashimi space, which closed last summer--specializes in house-made Korean-inspired dishes like stews, hot pot, barbecue and more.

On the menu, expect to see items such as bulgogi, Korean-style pancakes with assorted seafood and veggies, tofu with stir-fried kimchi, vegetarian soft tofu soup and roasted pork in a house sauce. Tofu packaged to take home is on offer as well.

There's a selection of libations on offer, too, like various flavored soju, Korean beer and rice wine.

With a four-star rating out of six reviews on Yelp so far, Sol Lip Tofu has gotten a good response.

Paul W., who was among the first Yelpers to review the new spot on January 3rd, said: "This is as authentic as tofu comes. This family owns a tofu factory in Korea and other parts of the world. This is the only place that I know that makes fresh tofu daily."

And Amy K. said: "If you've never had fresh-made tofu, you need to try this place! Tofu is my favorite food and this place is all about that."

Head on over to check it out: Sol Lip Tofu is open Monday-Saturday from 11am-8:30pm. (It's closed on Sunday.)
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