The Original Pizza Cookery, a Woodland Hills staple finds new home in Thousand Oaks

WOODLAND HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Jordan Klempner opened The Original Pizza Cookery almost 45 years ago in Woodland Hills. Now, the family owned and operated pizza place is moving to Thousand Oaks because the landlord would not let them renew their lease.

"When I found out towards the end of last year that it wasn't going to be here's surreal," said Adam Klempner, son of the owner.

Even though rising rents was not the issue with this business, other businesses in the area are worried. Also, the minimum wage in California will be $15 by 2022, but for now small businesses have an $11 per hour minimum wage in Ventura County and $13.25 per hour in Los Angeles.

So The Original Pizza Cookery will be able to operate more comfortably in Ventura County.

Nonetheless, the family is excited to move to Thousand Oaks because a lot of their former customers have moved there. But they can't forget the memories that Woodland Hills brought.

"My dad tells me that his memories are me on a high chair behind the front desk. And I can remember my little birthday parties when I was 3 - 4 years old in the back room.... I mean this place has been my whole life," said Adam.

The new location will be attached to the Best Western Plus Thousand Oaks Inn, that is also a family business. They feel that this is the best situation for them because they won't have to deal with a corporation.

This pizza staple will still offer their famous garlic and cheese rolls in Woodland Hills until the last week of May, and in June they will start new memories in Thousand Oaks.
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