Four-D College shuts down; 600 students, staff in limbo

COLTON, Calif. (KABC) -- A letter posted on a locked door is all students and staff received informing them Four-D College, a nursing college in San Bernardino County, had shut down.

In the parking lot, shock and frustration turning to anger. Nearly 600 students on campuses in Colton and Victorville were affected.

"I have to start my nursing career from scratch. I mean I left a steady job of ten years to come here," student Cynthia Silva said.

The college has been facing legal troubles after an investigation into its job placing practices resulted in the for-profit school losing its accreditation in June.

Seneva Jenkins says school officials told her it had relationships with employers and would place her in a job after graduation. In reality, it was a much different story.

"When it came time to get placed with externs, it was all smoke," Jenkins said.

Many students were left to wonder what will happen with the credits they've earned and student loans they took out. Some were told transcripts would be mailed to them, but their credits would likely not be transferable to another vocational school.

"I can't even go apply to another school, because my financial aid money is stuck here," Silva said.

Staff members were also taken by surprise. Teresa Lara says as the school's admissions representative, she was recruiting new students this past Friday. Now, she's out of a job.

"I didn't even know this morning. I was ready to come in. I was going to enroll people today this morning. I had appointments scheduled," Lara said.

Nicole Torres had one term to complete to earn her license as a vocation nurse. She wants answers from owner Linda Smith who was not on campus.

"I have two babies at home that I have sacrificed to be here. She should be here to apologize at least, at least she could do that," Torres said.
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