New movie 'Freaks' is sci-fi thriller that explores fascination and fear of the outside world

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- Ten-year-old Lexy Kolker beat out 1,200 girls to play the young lead in the new horror-thriller, "Freaks."

"I was so happy. I'm like, I was, I don't even know!" said Kolker. "I didn't care that it took up my whole summer. I didn't care we were filming over my birthday. I was so happy."

Co-writer and co-director Zach Lipovsky said the subject matter in "Freaks" gets pretty intense.

"The movie is about this group of people that are different than anyone else, that are basically hunted and persecuted because of who they are," said Lipovsky.

"You have a fun experience as an audience member but are left really thinking about, oh God, that's kind of what's happening right now," said actress Amanda Crew. "Makes you think!"

The brave child here lives in hiding with her overprotective father, played by Emile Hirsch. She begins to discover a mysterious and possibly threatening world just outside her front door.

Co-writer and co-director Adam B. Stein said the story was partially inspired by his experience as a new father.

"Trying to figure out how to do it and also seeing the world through my child's perspective and being fascinated by how a kid discovers the world," said Stein.

"Freaks" has been to 40 film festivals all around the world...winning honors--and audience awards--along the way.

The film also features Oscar nominee Bruce Dern. It's in theaters Sept. 13.
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