Freddie Highmore, cast mates from 'The Good Doctor' check back in for season 3

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Saturday, September 21, 2019
'The Good Doctor' checks back in for season 3
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Freddie Highmore and his cast mates from 'The Good Doctor' check back in for season three.

VANCOUVER, B.C. (KABC) -- Season three of ABC's "The Good Doctor" begins with Dr. Shaun Murphy going on a date. Star Freddie Highmore is excited for what's to come.

"It's certainly an exciting season ahead in terms of Shaun and his romantic love life," said Highmore.

The romance continues with Nicholas Gonzalez and Christina Chang's characters; but they remain tight lipped about any specifics.

"There's some tough, tough trying times ahead," said Gonzalez.

"There's a little tension, a little tension. That's all we can say," said Chang.

Exploring friendship is also something you'll see this season.

"The fun things that we've kind of been exploring in the first couple of episodes is kind of this new, budding relationship with Shaun," said Will Yun Lee. "Alex Park wants to share and the only person he feels safe in really sharing with is Shaun."

And then there's the unfiltered Dr. Morgan Reznick. Fiona Gubelmann says she is thrilled they'll be more surgical opportunities this season for the hospital's residents.

"Morgan is a much bigger part of this season," said Gubelmann. "And it's really cool, like, there's so many different sides to Morgan that people are going to get to see. She has some very competitive stuff that happens and then you just see more of her vulnerability, more of the things she's going through in her own life and also the different ways in which she helps other people--patients and her co-workers.

During my visit to the Vancouver set of "The Good Doctor," I saw something interesting on the wall, a wink to Freddie Highmore's last TV role on the "Psycho"-inspired TV Series, "Bates Motel."

"Yes! I feel like that's something that no one else has ever noticed," said Highmore. "So you've clearly been standing at the Board of Directors. Well, done, yeah."

"The Good Doctor" returns on Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.