New 'Friends' pop-up experience to debut in New York City

NEW YORK -- "I'll be there for you..." in New York City, and for a limited time.

A new "Friends" pop-up, named "The One with the Pop-up," is headed to the Big Apple in September.

The creators of the pop-up promise fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in their favorite show like never before.

There are set recreations and, of course, "Central Perk!"

Visitors will be encouraged to take photos and post them on social media using #friendspopup.

Do you love "The One with All the Thanksgivings?" You can shake a turkey on your own head.

Or, what about "PIVOT!" Think you could do better than Ross? Give it a try!

The location will also have special "Friends" merchandise for sale.

Tickets for the experience go on sale this Friday, August 2 at 7 a.m. PST. The exhibit runs from September 7 through October 6.

The pop-up is celebrating 25 years since the show began.

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