Friends searching for missing rideshare driver in downtown LA

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It has been more than a week since rideshare driver Josh Thiede was last seen.

Worried friends took to the streets on Sunday to pass out flyers and canvas downtown Los Angeles to spread the word and ask the public for help.

Thiede, a 29-year-old driver for Uber and Lyft, was last seen on Feb. 11. He had a Lyft fare that day, but it is unknown if that is connected to his disappearance.

His vehicle is a black 2014 Nissan Altima with CA plates 7CSD450.

They say his cell phone was last detected in a Pico Union neighborhood not far from where he lives, but it has since gone dead or been turned off. It was used to make a 911 hangup call the day after he was last seen.

The LAPD is now investigating as family and friends plead for the public's help.

"I've known Josh for a long time," friend Kevin Young said. "He's a solid, good-natured, well-put-together guy. Didn't seem like he was having any issues whatsoever. Didn't seem like anyone was giving him a hard time at all."
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