SoCal jobs: Local air conditioning company hiring at least 100 workers

HIRING IN SOCAL: Goettl Air Conditioning and Plumbing is looking to hire at least 100 people to keep up with demand.
Brian Jimenez is enthusiastic about his new job at Goettl Air Conditioning and Plumbing.

"First of all, the way they take care of their customers," said Jimenez, a supervisor at the company.

He says work slowed down at his previous job during the coronavirus crisis and he stumbled upon this opportunity.

"So pretty much just started off by seeing one of the trucks. I saw how professional it was. It said 1939. So I'm like well, this seems like they're still busy. Looked them up online and saw that they were still hiring. I was surprised," he said.

Jimenez has experience, but a big part of the interview is attitude.

"We are looking for very upbeat individuals that have a great attitude," said Matthew Sanfilipo, the company's chief human resources officer.

"And we found that if we can find that right attitude that we can train the skills. We've also got a veterans program training HVAC technicians - all the skills that they need to be a successful technician on the job."

The city of Paramount native thrives on cheering people up.

"Best thing I love about my job is just the way I can take care of my customers, genuinely take care of my customers. Make them feel welcome, make 'em feel they're actually being taken care of," said Jimenez.

The company is still hiring, and if you don't have experience - that's OK.

"We are in the process of hiring at least 100 people to keep up with the demand because we've just had so many calls for our services. We're looking for customer service roles. We're also looking for some management roles internally, so there's lots of opportunity," said Sanfilipo.

"Definitely apply. There's no harm, there's no way of losing when you apply to this company," said Jimenez.

The company prides itself in taking care of employees and customers.

"We make sure that they wear booties, gloves, mask, they are equipped with hand sanitizer. Any interaction with physical money, we've got a process for that so we've added that so the employee doesn't have to touch it," said Sanfilipo.
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