Daughter 'graduates' at California hospital to make mom's dying wish come true

Monday, December 23, 2019
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It was a different kind of graduation for Kelleen Kennon as she walked down the hall of Clovis Community Hospital.

CLOVIS, Calif. -- It was a different kind of graduation for Kelleen Kennon as she walked down the hall of a hospital in Clovis, California.

What was at the end of her walk was the most rewarding - more important than any diploma.

Her terminally ill mother Dana Kennon got to watch her graduate.

"My heart sank because it is not how I pictured it. You grow up expecting your mom and your dad to be sitting there watching you at the ceremony and screaming your name and she can barely even speak," said Kelleen. "To be able to have her see it when I didn't think she was going to, means everything."

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The journey here has been riddled with overwhelming heartache and moments that will forever be cherished.

In 2017 Dana was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer - it spread to her bones and the rest of her body.

"I think I am still trying to deny it, like there has got to be that miracle, she is going to be that miracle, I don't know," said Kelleen.

As Dana struggled through treatment, Kelleen was right by her side.

She worked and attended Fresno State full-time.

Sometimes she thought about quitting.

"She looked me in the eyes and she told me you can't. No matter what is going on with this you have to fight for your life because even when mine goes you still have yours," Kelleen said.

On Saturday, doctors said Dana only had a few hours to days left to live.

All Kelleen could do now is pray that her mother stays just a little bit longer.

"We're hoping for a miracle, but I don't want to rely on it, because I can't keep my hopes up because that would just kill me," said Kelleen.

Kelleen will be attending Pepperdine University for behavioral therapy. She's set to leave in two weeks. They're hoping her mom will be able to make it to Christmas.