Son arranges emotional surprise, helps mom reunite with parents after 30 years apart

A mother in Southern California got the chance to see her parents for the first time in 30 years, thanks to her son who arranged the emotional reunion.

Luis Cortes is an immigration attorney and DACA recipient. He says his mother has not been able to leave the country and visit her parents, who live in Mexico, due to her immigration status.

He posted the video of the surprise on Instagram, with a caption that reads, in part: "When I went to law school, I vowed to figure out a way to reunite them, (and) was able to help them get visas to visit the U.S."

"It helped make my family whole again. There was a generation gap that was missing there with my grandma not being around and those traditions and those stories and that love and that connection that had been missing from our family for 30 years," Cortes said.

His aunts were also in the room, who were just as surprised and overwhelmed as his mother, he said.
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