Grumpy toddler's heart melts when she sees her baby sister

In an adorable moment between siblings captured on video, the one thing that calmed this grumpy toddler is her love for her baby sister.

Esther Anderson was busy caring for her newborn baby, Tessa, who had woken up several times the night before. To make matters worse, Esther's 3-year old, Ellia, woke up crying. Immediately, Esther started recording video to show her husband the rough day she was having.

"This is gonna be a long day," Esther said in the video. "It was already a long night."

Unexpectedly, Ellia was immediately calmed at the sight of her baby sister. While hugging and petting Tessa, Ellia seemed to become overwhelmed with emotion, exclaiming "I love her so much." She repeated the words, hugging her sister even tighter.

Instead of showing her husband a dreary sight of two upset children, Esther captured a tender moment between two siblings.

"I got to witness one of those sweet moments that makes every frustration of parenting completely worth it," Esther told ABC in an email. "Ellia really does love her baby sister SO MUCH and still asks for her sister as soon as she wakes up most days. And it's adorable."
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