Fitness studio owner brings workout to you via G.I.T. Fit Mobile

Monday, December 14, 2015
Fitness studio owner brings workout to you via G.I.T. Fit Mobile
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Many people who want to workout have time constraints and other challenges, so one local trainer put his gym on wheels to help desk jockeys and time-strapped folks get fit.

WOODLAND HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Heather Retsky and her team of accountants tried a midday workout on Monday. But they didn't go to a gym, the gym came to them.

"We all have kids, husbands, work full time, and we have no time for ourselves. We spend most of our life at work, and it's just really convenient for us to have it during our lunch break," Retsky said.

Matt Rolph formed G.I.T. Fit Mobile, the first mobile group exercising facility in the Los Angeles area.

"We're here at their office. This is their lunch break. It's a special 25-minute workout, really focused, intense," Rolph said.

Rolph said he was frustrated hearing these excuses for not exercising: "too busy, traffic, no time to workout."

Others would say, "I'd love to train with you but you're just too far away," Rolph said.

His response? "What about if I bring the gym to you?"

Rolph outfitted a huge car trailer with top cardio equipment and fitness toys.

"We have all dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, ropes," Rolph said. "We have a shower and toilet and sink. We really want to just give people a lot of service, a lot of value for what we charge."

Certified health coach Jill de Jong also councils clients on nutrition.

"When we set new goals for ourselves, we know kind of what we need to do, but we also need accountability -- a buddy that checks in with us," De Jong said.

She arms the team with food journals and healthy snacks.

This gym on wheels runs $125 an hour. Your best bet is to grab some mates because this gym can handle five people. That's a cost of $25, the average cost of a studio workout.

G.I.T FIT Mobile can accommodate larger groups with planning. They also donate a portion of fees paid for those wanting to do workouts for charitable occasions.

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