Hackers skimming bank accounts through the Starbucks mobile app

LOS ANGELES -- Hackers are stealing money from people's bank accounts by tapping into their Starbucks mobile app.

Starbucks acknowledged Wednesday that criminals have been gaining access to people's rewards accounts CNNMoney reports, enabling them to steal money once the app is used.

The scam allows the hackers to add a new gift card, transfer funds from it and then pocket your cash -- every time your original card reloads.

Jean Obando from Sugar Land, Texas told CNNMoney that a total of $550 was stolen from him and it took the company two weeks to refund his money.

He said that after paying for his Starbucks order with his phone app, he was hit with a barrage of alerts saying his Starbucks card was being automatically reloaded with $50.

Obando said it happened 10 times in just five minutes and that Starbucks didn't stop any of the transactions or ask for secondary approval.

He said he quickly called Starbucks, told them he thought his account had been compromised and asked for a refund. He said the coffee chain told him to dispute the charges with his bank instead.

Obando no longer uses the Starbucks app.

"Now, I just pay with my credit card or cash," he said. "I can't trust Starbucks with my payment information anymore."

Starbucks told CNNMoney the company has not been hacked and that the account takeovers are likely due to weak customer passwords. The company said the criminals have not gained access to any other data, and it promises customers will be reimbursed for any fraudulent charges.

Starbucks suggested that customers use unique, strong passwords.
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