Hawaii bracing for major volcano eruption as alert level heightened

Hawaii is bracing for another explosive eruption from the Kilauea volcano. The Hawaiian volcano observatory has upgraded the alert level over the Kilauea volcano to a red warning.

That means major eruption is imminent, underway or suspected with hazardous activity both on the ground and in the air.

The danger could be bigger than just lava.

Scientists say the volcano might soon shoot out boulders and ash from its summit crater.

This could happen as the volcano continues to spew out lava from the last blow-up.

Scientists say the risk of a new, explosive eruption will go up in the next few weeks.

The last time this happened was nearly a century ago.

Also another fissure opened and began spitting lava Tuesday. This is the 20th since Kilauea began to erupt nearly two weeks ago.

As spectacular as these eruptions are: the big one may be still to come. Lava from another fissure that opened over the weekend is making a path for the ocean, about two miles away.
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