VIDEO: Teen wakes up after heart transplant, priceless reaction caught on video

Trevor Sullivan, 15, had to have a heart transplant after his heart failed.

His family began looking for a new heart and one became available in November 2015.

"My wife got the call from the transplant team at about 11:10 at night saying we've got a match, we found somebody and we'll have surgery the next day," Tervor's father Philip Sullivan said.

When the time came for the transplant surgery, no one knew if he would survive.

When Trevor opened his eyes for the first time and realized he was alive, his dad was right there to catch the reaction.

"I'm so happy!" Trevor said. "I can breathe again."

He's still recovering, but has not had any complications with his new heart.

If you'd like to learn how to help "Team Trevor" to spread awareness about organ donation, you can learn more at their GoFundMe page.
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