Elastic bands and cans of food make great gym equipment for office workouts

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A competitive fitness trainer says elastic bands and cans of food make great gym equipment for home or office workouts that most anyone can do to keep strong and fit.

Pauline Nordin is a lean machine, but she's the first to tell you that she not only likes to eat, she likes to eat a lot, so her solution is to make strength training a priority every week.

"A really good anti-aging regimen is weight training, because it regenerates your cells and everything. Definitely the best thing you can do," said Nordin.

As a fitness competitor, she spends more time in the gym than most. But she's got some great tips for those who can't make it to the gym. Even if you're stuck behind a desk, using simple bands and cans of food for weights can be effective.

"I recommend three times a week for weight training: Monday, Wednesday, Friday or every other day," said Nordin. "And the more effort you put in the shorter workouts can be," said Nordin.

There's one called she calls the spider: With your hands on the seat of a chair, you contract abdominals and lift your lower body up and down. "This really trains your shoulder stability and also with your chest," Nordin said.

And a seated row with the band is great for upper back muscles. "It's very important to squeeze rhomboids together every rep," said Nordin.

Then try a double leg raise for your abdominals and your hip flexors slowly raising and lowering legs up and down.

And if you don't have a willing partner, put hands on your desk and make sure your chair has a wall or other barrier to allow you to do these single leg squats safely.

"This really trains one leg and one glute. You're going to feel the burn and also for those who have a weak back, this exercise is much safer than a regular squat," said Nordin.

She recommends three sets of 10 to 20 repetitions, using anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds, depending on how your heavy weights are.

Then, don't forget diet! Nordin has a good plan: It's all about cheats and treats, but you might have to alter your palate just a little.

"I call this my bowl of heaven. Oat bran, chocolate, whey protein, chocolate chips all soaked overnight with boiled water and it's so delicious. I have this every morning," she said.

She also makes a chocolate omelette with one egg, a cup of egg whites, cocoa powder, unsweetened chocolate chips and whey protein. This monster egg dish is four hundred calories.

She says these foods will kill your cravings and get your ready for your workout.
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