'Antigravity cocoon' class offers ways to rejuvenate, invigorate

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Studies indicate most don't get enough rest, so gyms and health experts offer sleep and meditation solutions that help revitalize during the mid-day slump. (KABC)

Those who like to workout hard aren't likely to think about finishing up with 40 winks.

"I think a lot of us could use a nap. Especially if it's in a methodical way like this," said Crunch trainer Eddie Liu.

Liu just tried something called "antigravity cocooning." He said he appreciates taking exercisers in this new direction.

"I think that the misconception is just because you're not moving hard and fast, people think that's not a workout. In fact there are a lot of other things you can do for the body and for the mind," said Liu.

Crunch group fitness instructor Jasmin Artis says 30 minutes in the hammock with guided stretch and meditation yields benefits.

"Re-calibrate your body, relax the muscles. Kind of connect your mind and body. Just to take a nap at the end essentially," said Artis.

A study in the research journal Sleep that measured various nap times found 10 minutes was the most effective in increasing cognitive performance and reducing sleepiness. But beyond a quick snooze, former monk Pedram Schojai offers a slightly different approach. He wants to teach you skills that can help you keep your cool throughout your day.

"Chances are you don't have the hour this evening to sit in tranquility because who does," said Schojai.

He feels desk work and driving can wreak havoc on our system. In his book "The Urban Monk", he offers an easy routine to reinvigorate.

"Connecting the breath with the body. That's the ticket, that's what really helps us ground into our bodies and deal with the stress that's constantly coming at us. Stress isn't going away," reminded Schojai.

Whether your lifestyle is sedentary or suped up, a "sweat free - stress free" time out at home or hammock could help give you a leg up on life.
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