2 Cal State Fullerton students diagnosed with chicken pox has students, staff on alert

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- Two students at Cal State University, Fullerton have been diagnosed with chicken pox, and there's concern on campus it may have spread to others.

In a college setting where students live, eat and study in close proximity, word of two people coming down with chicken pox can also spread quickly.

CSUF officials said Thursday the students were diagnosed at the end of August. They were treated and told to stay home until they were no longer infectious.

"It's a very highly contagious disease, and it's spread by droplet infection in regards to sneezing or coughing," said Dr. Richard Boucher, chief staff physician at CSUF.

Everyone who may have come in contact with the students were notified and told to be aware of symptoms, such as feeling tired, loss of appetite, headaches and a developing rash.

The bumps then spread throughout the trunk and extremities and turn into blisters. Administrators said stay home if you suspect you have chicken pox.

And if you haven't been immunized, health officials said they recommend you get vaccination information right away.

Boucher said even if you are immunized, it's possible you may get a milder form of the disease, so take the proper precautions, such as keeping your hands clean and not sharing food or drinks.

Campus officials said they've been working closely with the Orange County Department of Public Health.
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