Fitness expert warns stand-up desks aren't only answer to sitting society

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We've heard that "sitting is the new smoking" but there is more to going vertical than getting a standing desk. (KABC)

Many that try stand-up desks soon realize standing, too, has challenges, and experts say that more movement is the key to better health.

"It's really easy to tell people to stop sitting, but in an entire culture that's sitting dependent, if you're the only person in your office standing up," Bio-mechanist Katy Bowman said. "Standing all day isn't great for your body either."

The industrial revolution had us on our feet all day, which prompted desk work.

Bowman said the problem is we aren't doing either properly, and that can cause chronic pain.

Her recent book "Don't just sit there," helps us learn how to work dynamically.

That means some sitting, some standing, more walking and, more importantly, doing it all properly.

While demonstrating how most of us sit, she said, "I've out sourced the work of my torso to the back of my chair."

Instead, sit with your back off the chair, contract the abs and watch for slumping.

Now, try standing up without using your arms. Push into your heels, contracting the glutes and core to stand up. You'll be sneaking in squats throughout the day.

If you stand at a desk, change positions often. Bowman said she sees too many resting the belly on the keyboard.

Instead try to straighten your feet, drop your ribs and back your hips up over your heels, according to Bowman.

If you don't like to exercise, you might like this, as some experts say you're better off exercising less and actually moving more. Yes, there's a difference.

As that one hour at the gym isn't always productive.

"It's not just the hour. You need extra time to drive to the hour, and you need an outfit to change into and a shower afterwards," said Bowman.

Instead, look to easy bits of brief activity in lieu of one big lump.

"You're taking a coffee walk with your girlfriends. Maybe you are instant messaging a person in your office that is just around the corner," said Bowman. "Walk over instead."

She also asked, "Is there one place that it is feasible for you to walk but you just don't?"

An alignment makeover is a good start to a more physical, less pain-free you.
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