Fitness pros weigh in on benefits of resistance training through elastic bands

There are lots of ways to strength train, but many fitness pros choose elastic bands due to their variable resistance, safety and ease of travel.

Fitness Pro Jason Wimberly is having his client use exercise bands for her workout.

"I really find benefit in variable resistance with bands because you increase resistance as you move through it," said Wimberly, founder of The Wall studio.

Wimberly said a standard weight is somewhat limited in its efficacy. Raise a weight to your shoulder, for example, and the weight will be the same weight from bottom to top.

"With the band, as you move in a different plane, it actually increases the resistance," said Wimberly.

Physical therapist, Dr. Karen Joubert loves bands for her patients.

"Patients can take it anywhere. They can't say, 'Well, I don't have a gym.' You have a gym right here," she said.

A favorite from physical therapists is wearing a band around the ankle while doing squats and lateral steps. They say if you work your medial glute, you're going to stabilize your ankles, your knees and your hips.

Wimberly agrees they are great for leg and booty work, but don't stop there. Core work and postural exercises can be executed as well.

"You're going to get that muscle tone without that fear of going beyond. You feel that burn and see how much is working -- that only happens with a band," said Wimberly.

They're also inexpensive. Bands and tubing average around $8 to $15 bucks with different colors indicating various tensions, so heads-up when you buy.
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