Ground to standing exercises help you stay stronger, balanced as you age

At Malibu Fitness, Arianna Porrini and Erin Terzieff are trying trainer Michael Galate's functional fitness class. It combines cardio, coordination, strength and flexibility which is fun for fitness enthusiasts but can be challenging for others.

It's the very reason why trainers are spending more time on basics like ground to standing exercises - also known as G2S.

"Whether it's working out or it's partly our daily routine as part of our life it's functional. We like to apply it to what we do to get stronger," said Galate.

"You need to do things that apply to your life and not just lying on a bench and doing a bench press. I want to do things that are going to use your whole body," said Lonnie Galate, owner of Malibu Fitness

Lonnie Galate sees many people doing movements that might make muscles look better, but not much more. She's concerned that lack of mobility may lead to injury.

"They've been sitting at a desk, they've been driving in a car. What we've been hearing over the last five years is sitting is the new smoking. And the stiffer and stiffer you get, because you're not moving," Lonnie Galate said.

She demonstrates easy drills that use a bench or a stool for assistance, move to hands and knees, then sitting, even lying on the ground. After practicing, it can be done without the use of the stool.

Also, the same movements made by reaching for a dropped object can be duplicated by practicing with a stool or bench to assist getting up.

Beyond the use of the TRX, there are a load of body weight exercises that you can do. Just two three minute bouts make a significant impact.

Mini squats, a forearm plank or even doing the "dying bug" exercise helps strengthen core muscles.

"It doesn't even have to be hard exercise - just moving your body every day whatever way you like, will allow you to move better for longer," said trainer Adrianna Basin.

G2S drills have been shown to reduce anxiety while increasing confidence along with improving balance and quality of life.

As we age, it becomes even more important to get body and mind in sync, which is a great reason to give these exercises "from the ground up" a try.
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