Local women pose nude in Weight Watchers magazine to promote better body image

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Only 11 percent of American women feel good about their body, so successful Weight Watchers bare all to help other gain confidence. (KABC)

After many failures, Dutchess Washington is at the weight she wants to be.

"It wasn't so much a size, a number, I just wanted to get dressed and feel comfortable without having to cross my legs, hide my stomach," said Washington.

She wants to share her message with others.

"Being able to achieve and conquer weight loss was the biggest journey for me. Everything else is simple," she said.

Seemingly simple and yet so hard for so many, losing weight goes beyond exercising more and eating less.

"On rough days I just thought 'Well I'll get through today,'" said Danielle Magalen.

It's taken Magalen 10 years to reach her goal, taking time out to have kids.

"Being close enough wasn't there. I was determined to get to where I wanted to be," she exclaimed.

Both women lost weight through Weight Watchers and were asked to inspire others by posing in the nude for a recent magazine spread. And both loved the experience.

"Wow I did this, and I'm proud of it," said Washington.

"It felt so comfortable, everything about it, just a very family-oriented feeling," said Magalen.

Can photos like these change perception? Given what we see in social media and magazine covers featuring near perfect people, it isn't all that surprising we feel bad.

But experts say if you can recognize those good aspects of yourself and appreciate them, it's a better place to start because negativity isn't always the best motivator.

"When we feel good about what we're doing, and we feel good about who we are, it's easier to make those healthier choices," said Terry Erickson of Weight Watchers.

Psychologist Dr. Rick Shuman feels that is a good attitude to take as losing weight is one small part of the journey.

"It's an important part of your feeling more comfortable, but I wouldn't expect all the issues about love and relationships and 'What am I doing here,' are going to be answered by it," said Shuman.
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