Mixing up workout routines may be key to fitness success

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Brigitte Perry found cycling hard and the seat even harder when a friend took her to her favorite gym.

"I was in fear of Fitness and didn't want to join any type of club," said Perry.

While Jose Mora and his girlfriend joined a health club and never went.

But Crank It Up in Long Beach seemed to be a good fit for them, where owner Judi Thiel says it's important to mix up your workouts.

"If you just do one thing what happens? You get burned out or you hit a plateau so you really need to cross train," said Thiel.

She calls her studio the home of the hybrid workout. Half the class uses the Real Ryder cycles for 30 minutes, while the other room uses, rowers, weights, TRX, and boxing - but not for the entire workout.

"We have strength classes going on while we have cycling classes is going on. You can go from strength to cycling, cycling to strength. In the middle of the class the doors open and you can switch," Thiel said.

Study after study indicates it's the combination of the strength, cardiovascular workouts and variety that provides benefit to the heart, the bones, the muscle, even mental health.

"We come here three times a week. We've changed our eating habits, it's become a much healthier lifestyle. I've been here four months and lost almost 30 pounds," said Mora.

"Everyone was so friendly. They offered different types of classes, so I said well let me give it a shot," said Perry.

Perry heard it was important to try at least five times. She's now been consistent for six months.

Strict dieting and overuse workouts can lead to failure. Experts suggest small changes can positively influence mind and body, leading to greater motivation and success.

Enjoyable exercise may also reduce sarcopenia or loss of muscle mass along with chronic inflammation while helping to keep regulatory hormones functioning for increased activity as we age.
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