Nerdstrong Gym in NoHo is a place where 'geeks' can workout in style

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Is it time to channel your inner Han Solo or Indiana Jones while getting fit? If so, you may want to head to one unique SoCal gym.

"Maybe we grew up like you. Maybe we were bullied, too, in high school. This is a gym but on top of that is a high level of geekdom," said Andrew Deutsch, founder of Nerdstrong Gym.

Andrew Deutsch liked to workout, but he loved to play games like "Dungeons and Dragons" with friends. So he combined the two and founded the gym.

"I was very unfit and unhealthy, and Andrew asked me to come workout with him," said David Nets, gym co-owner.

Pretty soon Deutsch had 15 people at his house exercising. Nets and another friend, Christy Black, also felt they had nerd tendencies, but needed fitness motivation.

They opened the North Hollywood gym to share the theme with others using imagination, questing and adventure.

The workout is solid and the trainers are certified. But the inspiration comes from a different place: video games, comic book heroes and action movies.

"'Guardians of the Galaxy,' 'Star Wars,' 'Star Trek,' card games like 'Magic the Gathering,'" Deutsch said.

Kenny Mittleider liked it so much he tattooed the club logo on his ankle and started a Facebook page for gym friends to join.

Jason Enright was 325 pounds and pre-diabetic. He's since lost 50 pounds through gym workouts and a nutritionist. He and his wife tag-team workouts, handing off their son "Coach Toots."

A drop-in class is $20 or come for the month at $150. Deutsch said beyond home or work, this is your favorite place to go.
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