CAR.O.L, new cardio machine, claims to provide health gains in 9 minutes

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (KABC) -- When personal trainer Michelle Croghan tried the latest cardio machine known as CAR.O.L., she thought it was hard, but she loved the little time it took make health gains.

"Two 20-second sprints replaces 45 minutes of running. So you're going to be on CAR.O.L for a total of nine minutes, and during that time, there's two periods where she's going to ask you to go absolutely full out for that 20 seconds," explained Amanda McVey of Upgrade Labs.

Upgrade Labs offers a unique boutique concept with revolutionary pieces of fitness equipment that are known as bio-hacks, which are things that are known to trick the body using scientifically studied techniques to provide positive changes to your body in a shorter period of time

CAR.O.L is short for cardiovascular optimization logic. It uses a two-minute warmup at a leisurely pace with slow, controlled breath.

Then, you go all out for a 20-second power burst, a three-minute recovery, another 20-second power burst, finishing with a three-minute recovery.

Using the principles of high intensity interval training, the machine was originally designed for those with diabetes.

The idea is to produce literally little to no sweat, then a brief intense cardio explosion which is said to deplete energy systems. This in turn boosts mitochondria production in cells to make the body more efficient for exercise the next go around.

"It has artificial intelligence baked into it, so you don't have to make any decisions. Second by second, CAR.O.L is analyzing you your body, making a decision on how hard she has to push you," said McVey.

If by chance you can't get through the cardio burst, the machine senses your fatigue and shuts down.

A small study done in the United Kingdom found that reduced exertion high intensity interval training had merit. It helped reduce insulin resistance, it increased aerobic capacity and you have to remember you're only doing it for a very short amount of time.

Originating from the UK, this bike is the only one of its kind in Los Angeles. It's located at the Beverly Hilton Upgrade Lab, which welcomes the public to take a test drive.

But innovation has a price - a test drive costs $75.

You can also work with a trainer on four of their bio-hacking machines for $175.
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