New fitness tools provide instability to challenge balance, cardiovascular endurance

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- The fitness industry is forever coming up with new equipment and classes to challenge those who want to up their game. One of the latest concepts involves incorporating the use of unstable weight.

"At Crunch, we actually call the class 'Body Rocket,'" said Crunch Gym instructor Elle Young.

Young said he chose the name because of the continuous core and cardio work. Calories sizzle and heart rates soar using the weighted Core Momentum Trainer or CMT that contains ball bearings that slide and move when you do creating instability.

"I would actually love to incorporate with some of my clients once in a while. It's a lot more endurance training than I expected," said trainer Amanda DaSilva.

Most of the time when you're learning a motion, you have to "see" it. In this case, you also have to "hear" it.

"It makes a little noise which is pretty cool for the member because it lets them know exactly how much force they're exhibiting with the unit," said Young.

The user has to fight to control the weighted momentum, which is in turn tough on the core.

The CMT takes the instability premise from ViPR which became popular five years back. ViPR, which stands for vitality, performance and reconditioning, provides unstable purposeful training while doing what's known as functional training.

Another tool focusing on instability is the Active Motion Bar.

"With the little ball bearings you can hear that are moving around, it's continuously challenging your core. So there's never a moment when you can disengage your abs," said Gold's Gym elite trainer, RC.

Gold's Gym uses the 5-to-12-pound bars that have been tested with impressive results.

"The University of Michigan Kinesiology Department just came out with a study that shows it is 170 percent more effective than other stability exercises," said RC.

That is more than regular weighted bars or medicine balls.

"A lot of core stability, strength. A lot of shoulder workout," said Tajuan Gibbs of Gold's Gym.

RC agreed, "It's all about working smarter and not harder."
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