Newbury Park pharmacy delivers prescription medications to fire evacuees

NEWBURY PARK, Calif. (KABC) -- Evacuating because of fire is something Cyndee Doderlien of Newbury Park has done far too many times.

So when it comes to her prescription medications, she's prepared.

"I always keep mine in a bag right there," she said. "So, if I ever needed to leave, or if something would happen, it would be ready to go."

Not everyone has learned this lesson. The morning after the fires broke out, Regency Medical Pharmacy in Newbury Park started receiving calls from frantic people needing replacement prescriptions.

"They had left it at home or their houses were on fire," Farah Naderi of Regency Pharmacy said. "They had lost their medication in the fire or in the evacuations. They're saying we don't have our emergency medicines."

Many evacuees left their homes in a hurry without thinking about taking their prescription medications with them.

Now, the Newbury Park pharmacy is stepping up to help.

Arad Goudarzi is filling and delivering prescriptions to shelters, making sure no one goes without their lifesaving medications.

"Either they're not able to access their home or unfortunately, if they've lost their home, we'd be willing to take their calls, see what they could do for them, see what the medication is," Gouzardi said. "Definitely get a hold of the doctor and make sure that we deliver it to them the following morning."

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To handle all the emergency deliveries, the pharmacy hired extra drivers and technicians. Naderi runs marketing and operations, but it was all hands on deck.

"I visited evacuation centers and some of the shelters where patients were residing at for the time being," Naderi said. "And, I delivered their medications myself because we were short."

Some of the medications being replaced include drugs for asthma, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Pharmacists said skipping doses has consequences.

"If they're taking a medication, for example, for high blood pressure and they stop taking it, their blood pressure can rise, and definitely, during a stressful period like right now, it can be very detrimental to them," Goudarzi said.

Drivers have delivered prescriptions to evacuees in Valencia and all over Los Angeles, free of charge.

"We know that patients are without their medications and our commitment is to our patients," said Goudarzi.
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