No fleas found in City Hall amid rodent problem, report finds

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A pest control vendor hired to report on the traces of pests at Los Angeles City Hall uncovered no traces of fleas in any City Hall government buildings.

"Our annual pest control vendor did not observe any rats or fleas," said David Pascal of the Los Angeles Department of City Services. "In City Hall, on floors one through four there was some activity noticed in the form of rodent droppings."

Officials said 1,800 flea traps were installed in City Hall and other buildings. The report by a private pest control company said it found nothing out of the ordinary.

MORE: City Hall to tackle rat infestation amid downtown typhus outbreak
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Amid a typhus outbreak in downtown LA, the City Council approved a plan to tackle an infestation of rats and fleas at City Hall.

"No. 1 priority is the health of the public that comes here and also city employees club," said Tony Royster of the Department of City Services. "That's top priority and that's what we're focusing on."

City staff said efforts have been stepped up to fight the rodent issue, including more cleanups outside City Hall.

At least one employee who works at City Hall is believed to have contracted typhus. Public health officials have reported a recent outbreak of the disease on downtown's Skid Row, with 19 cases documented in downtown since October.

The report also recommends solutions, such as more frequent vacuuming, cleaning and keeping all food in secure containers.
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