Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks adds Boom Boxing to lineup to help keep fitness fans happy

Billy Blanks, who has a black belt in karate, created Tae Bo in 1975.

"Fitness to me is not a trend. I'm 63 years old but I've been working out since I was 11 years old," said Blanks.

The workout went on to become an international hit, but he didn't stop there.

"Training, traveling all over the world. I've been to 105 countries," Blanks said

Blanks says Tae Bo was the first of it's kind to offer aerobics with karate. Something that some people found foreign at first, but came to love.

"It kind of unleashed the warrior in women they got a chance to punch and kick," said Blanks.

But to progress the program while reducing impact, he created Boom Boxing.

Billy's been doing this type of workouts since 1975 so he's created a program that uses a board and a bag and some really nice grip weights to save those joints.

"I've got the platforms so we can run because running on a hard floor - too much absorbing goes into your joints. We do everything that a boxer does," said Blanks.

He strategically intervals boxing, with cardio on the board, bag combinations and strength training to keep his clients worked up about the workout. Kids, seniors and anyone who sometimes feel like letting go by hitting something.

"Hitting on the bag is so much fun! It makes me feel really empowered like I can protect myself at the same time I'm working out so if feels like you're getting a lot done at the same time," said Leah Segedie of Simi Valley.

Boom Boxing is going strong in his Woodland Hills studio, plus he's releasing a new video due out any day now. .
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