Tuberculosis diagnosed in patient at health clinic in Corona; 200 urged to undergo testing

CORONA, Calif. (KABC) -- Staff and some patients at a health clinic in Corona may have been exposed to a person diagnosed with active tuberculosis and should be screened for the disease, health officials said.

The TB patient, who was not publicly identified due to privacy laws, has started treatment and has been placed on home isolation until cleared by a doctor, according to a Friday statement from the Riverside University Health System. About 200 patients were informed of the possible exposure.

"Once it is diagnosed, TB is treatable," said Riverside County health officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser. "While there is some risk of transmission, it is typically low. Still, we always work to ensure that anyone who may have been exposed is evaluated."

Staff at the Corona Family Care Center, located at 505 S. Buena Vista Ave., undergo regular testing for the disease, the news release said. If the result of the simple skin test is positive, the person is then required to undergo a chest x-ray and follow up with a medical provider.

"TB testing is being recommended as a precautionary measure. Testing is quick and it provides peace of mind," Kaiser said.

According to health officials, individuals who were potentially exposed were advised of locations where the TB skin test could be administered.
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